Chor        choreography programming language

Download and Install

Chor can be installed as a standard Eclipse Plugin, through the Eclipse Marketplace or directly through our update site. You will need the Xtext framework installed as a prerequisite (find and install it from here). If you want to execute the projected Jolie programs, you will need to install the Jolie language
If, instead, you are interested in developing Chor, you can run and debug it using the source code from our repository directly.

Eclipse Marketplace

Chor is listed in the Eclipse Marketplace:
If you have the Marketplace Client installed in Eclipse, you can simply download it from there searching for "Chor".
Or, simply drag this button on your Eclipse workspace to start installing it:

Eclipse Update Site

Alternatively, from the Help -> Install new software... menu in Eclipse, you can use our update site:

Running from Source code (for developers)

If you want to develop the Chor plugin, you can download its source code from our code repository and then run the chor.ui project.